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Construction updates will be sent to local residents and stakeholders periodically to ensure they are aware of the programme of works and have the most up to date contact details for who to contact with specific queries about construction.


The building is underway


Works are now well underway for the first residential phase of Darwin Green. The infrastructure works along the main spine road continue northward after a short delay due to heavy rain. The drainage connection to Huntingdon Road is now complete and the pumped foul Main is now being connected into the adjoining Windsor Road sewer.

The infrastructure road serving the Pavilion Quarter to the south is also progressing well. Earthworks to the central park are now progressing more quickly as the weather has improved, and with the first sight of sun this year, has started to dry the area.


Completed Spine Road DG1 250418


Mains services are being installed along the main spine road including the strategic water main being laid by Cambridgeshire Water. Water ducts are being laid in April in preparation for the overhead electric cables being diverted underground.


Northern Spine Road Being Formed DG1 250418