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Please look through our frequently asked questions about the proposals for Darwin Green. If you have a question that you would like to see answered on this page, please let us know by filling out a feedback form or emailing your question to 




Will you be building energy efficient homes?

At present, the new homes will be built at code level 4 for sustainability and the commercial buildings at BREEAM very good to excellent.

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What will the recycling arrangements be on site?

The new homes on site will benefit from the curb side pick-up facilitated by Cambridge City Council. In addition to this, residents and visitors to Darwin Green can use the recycling centre located in the Local Centre.

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What is going to happen to the surface water run-off from the site?

The surface water proposal have been designed based upon a positive drainage system which discharges into the existing watercourse to the north of the site. The peak outflow from the development will be lower than the existing Greenfield run-off rate being restricted by a flow control.  The additional run-off will be stored on site during extreme storm events using various techniques such as swales, balancing ponds and permeable paving.

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Will there be any through traffic from Huntington Road to Histon Road?

Cars will be able to get through the site from Huntingdon Road to Histon Road but in a time consuming, winding route. There will be an easier priority route for buses.

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Is Barratt Homes considering locating the community stadium on the Darwin Green site?

Grosvenor Estates unilaterally undertook feasibility work to explore the opportunity of utilising land within the Darwin Green Two allocation and extending out to the A14 and Histon Road for their Sporting Village concept, part of which involves the relocation of Cambridge United from the Abbey Stadium site on Newmarket Road now owned by Grosvenor.

Unfortunately the concept of a Sporting Village proposed by Grosvenor does not fit comfortably with the emerging details of the Darwin Green One and Darwin Green Two developments, in terms of both the amount of land required and how the proposed uses link and conform adjacent to the residential development.

Both Barratt Homes and the Landowners Consortium do not feel that the concept of a Sporting Village can be accommodated on the site without significant detriment to the delivery of a fundamentally housing led development, as advocated and supported by the local planning authorities.

There are a number of other sites around Cambridge that would provide good alternatives for a Sporting Village and relocation of Cambridge United.

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What form of entry will the primary and secondary schools have?

The secondary school on Darwin Green Two is intended to accommodate pupils from the University's North West development, Darwin Green One and Darwin Green Two and will be a 6-form entry.  The primary school on Darwin Green One will be 2 form entry as will the primary school on Darwin Green Two.

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What is your intention for the access at the top of Windsor Road?

There will be no vehicular access to the site from the top of Windsor Road. This will strictly be used as a cycle and pedestrian access point to the new development.

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When construction is taking place on site, what time of day will the work begin and end?

No construction work or demolition will be carried out or plant operated other than between the following hours: 0800 hours to 1800 hours Monday to Friday, 0800 hours to 1300 hours on Saturday and at no time on Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays. Deliveries to the site will be between 9am and 4pm Monday to Saturday.

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What are the timescales for different phases of the development?

The programme for the development hinges on obtaining planning permission for each individual phase. The planning application for the first residential phase (BDW1) and the Local Centre was granted approval at the end of May 2016. Construction began in August 2017.

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